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Upgrade to a paid plan

Follow these steps to upgrade your plan: 

1) Click ‘Upgrade Plan’ from the top right corner of the application. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Administration tab and select ‘Upgrade to paid plan’ from the Product section of the Settings sub-tab. You can also click ‘Upgrade now’ from the banner at the top of your page. 


2) Select a product plan. 

3) Enter a number of users, or seats, you’d like to purchase. You can always add additional users later. Here you will also be asked to enter your billing information (country and zip code), for tax purposes. 

Keep in mind that if you try to purchase less seats than you currently have active, you will see a warning message that if you proceed with that number of seats, all users will be automatically marked as ‘Inactive’ and you will need to re-invite them. You can do this by clicking ‘Resend Invite’ from the Actions “...” menu for each person you’d like to re-invite. 

4) Finalize your purchase. From the checkout page, you will be able to review the cost details for your purchase. If applicable, you will also have the option to enter a promotion code by clicking ‘Add promotion code.’ 

If you’re getting an error message when trying to use a promotion code, first ensure you’ve typed in the promotion code correctly. There are a few other possibilities to consider: 

  • The promotion code you’re trying to use may have expired - check our communication for more information on this. 
  • The promotion code may be applicable to first-time users only, or you may have already used it for a previous purchase. In either of these cases, the promotion code would not be valid.
  • If you’re using a promotion code for the 30-day experience meant for a specific number of users (i.e., 2 free users), you must enter that number of users at a minimum for the promotion code to work.