Assessment Overview

The PrinciplesYou assessment, which you can also take in PrinciplesUs, is a best-in-class personality assessment developed by investor and entrepreneur, Ray Dalio, and leading psychometricians Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden. 

Accurate self-knowledge is the key to building meaningful relationships — whether at work or in life. The PrinciplesYou assessment gives rich, comprehensive insights into what you’re really like and how you might interact with others. Results will show three key pieces of information: 

  • The Archetypes you’re most like, including your tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth. 
  • An in-depth report that shows how you prefer to think, engage, and apply yourself across 17 core dimensions of your personality. 
  • Tailored insights on how your results apply to real-life situations, so you can see your tendencies in action and get the right guidance to help you achieve your goals. 


For a deeper understanding of your assessment results and what they mean, see HERE.

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