Frequently Asked Questions for Coaches

  • What should I do if my invoice isn’t opening in a new tab?

    If your invoice isn’t opening in a new tab, as expected, you may need to turn off any ad-blockers on your browser. 

  • Am I able to pay my invoice later?

    Yes. Once your invoice opens in a new tab, you can navigate back to the original tab (the Coaching Dashboard), where you will see a pop-up with a link to the invoice. 

  • Can I give any of my client’s “Admin” access within their account?

    Not right now. Only Dashboard Managers (and coaches granted permission to manage a client’s account) will have Administrative access (the ability to add seats via the Coaching Dashboard & access the Administration tab within a client’s account). For client accounts that have been migrated to the dashboard view, any existing Admins will have been demoted to Non-Admins.

  • What should I do if I am getting an error message that the email already exists when trying to invite a client?

    Please reach out to us at and we will add them for you. When this error happens, it is likely that they have a pre-existing account with PrinciplesUs, in which case we will need to add them on our end (though, we hope to better support this in the future). Once we add them, you can let them know they will have access to all of their accounts and can switch between them by clicking on their avatar and selecting “Switch Team.” 

  • Can I add / set up a new client?

    Only Dashboard Managers can set up new clients. Supporting multiple Dashboard Managers per Coaching Dashboard is currently a “beta” feature, since it is not fully supported yet / working in the way we would like it to.

  • What should I do if I am not seeing a client I’d expect to see in my Coaching Dashboard?

    By default, coaches added to the Coaching Dashboard cannot add new clients and will only be able to view and/or manage clients that they are explicitly granted access to. If you are not seeing a client listed in your dashboard, please reach out to the Dashboard Manager for your account and ask them to give you permission.