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User Roles

In the 'Users' tab within the 'Admin' section, you can assign users different roles.  Below we have outlined the three options, and what access and capabilities they have:


  • Has access to their own results via 'About Me'
  • Can view others results via 'About Others', including running comparisons with other members within the tool
  • Access and use 'Coaching Guides'
  • Access and use 'Groups'
  • View the resource center

User Admin:

  • All functions of 'User' PLUS...
  • Access and all functions within the 'Users' section
    • Includes sending/resending invitations, deactivating users, changing users role from User to User Admin (but not to a full Admin)
    • Includes viewing and downloading all Assessment Results and Art of Working with Me PDFs
    • Deleting assessment results and sending assessment reminders


  • All functions of 'User' and 'User Admin' PLUS...
  • Ability to control billing for the account, such as purchasing additional seats, canceling annual renewals, updating billing information,
  • Can update the organization name