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Workshop Guide

PrinciplesUs is designed in a way where users can learn and gain insights about themselves, their interpersonal dynamics, and team composition with a self-directed approach. However, we have found that while people ‘intellectually’ understand the value of understanding yourself and others in this way, the experience of actually welcoming others to understand more about you --your personal preferences, strengths, and growth areas-- can be challenging as it requires vulnerability.
An informed facilitator can maximize learnings by carefully curating the activities and the reflection prompts that create the psychological safety necessary to begin the process of self and team discovery.

There are a couple ways to guide your team through a PrinciplesUs experience:

  1. Self-Directed: You can provide the necessary resources/background materials and socialize any one of the reflection exercises from this Guide for people to complete on their own time. Be sure to encourage them to share learnings even if you’re not organizing a dedicated session.
  2. Bite-sized Team Building Activities: Pick 1-2 of these exercises at a time and incorporate them into a weekly team meeting. Have your whole team participate and reflect together. What are the 1-2 takeaways and practical insights that you can incorporate into your team’s day to day?
  3. Workshop: We have found it to be most effective when teams dedicate a 60-90 minute session to go over their personality results and team profile together with the guidance of a facilitator.

This Champions Guide will focus on the Workshop experience and will offer exercises, simple facilitation techniques, and a high-level outline of a workshop that you can follow to guide your team.