Create a Group

In PrinciplesUs, you’re able to create a group and gain insights about that group through 3 visualizations (described in detail HERE). To get started, you first need to create a group by following these steps: 


1) Select ‘Groups’ from the left hand navigation of the application. That is where you will find the list of groups you have created or been added to. If you have not already created a group or been added to a group by one of your teammates, you will have the opportunity to create one.


2) Click ‘New Group’ to create a new group. You will be prompted to enter a group name, description (which is optional), and add members. You will also have the option to select a visibility for your group. There are three visibility options: (1) Only Group Creator – You will only be able to see this group, (2) Creator and Members – You and any of the members you have selected will be able to see this group, and (3) Everyone – Everyone in your account will be able to see this group.

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 8.40.37 PM

3) Once you have successfully created a group, you can find it in your list of groups. Simply click on the group (row) to see the visualizations for that group. You can also edit your group at any time by clicking ‘Edit.’